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You don’t have to keep a lot of photo albums organized. Because your stories have contextual value, your profile becomes a portfolio that showcases your best content. This type of content is also relevant for businesses as it can humanize and provide transparency to your business. Therefore, you Costa Rica B2B List can communicate more deeply with your target audience. Your stories will appear in the top feeds of users who follow you, not regular articles, which must compete for the top spot. Every time a story is added, your followers will be alerted with a colored ring to indicate that a new story has been published.

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This maintains visibility in your followers’ feeds. The Instagram Stories indicator also lets your followers know that your account has been active recently, and your profile will show up in search results looking at your Instagram account. How to Schedule Your Story Posts to Publish Automatically with Sked Costa Rica B2B List Social 1. To enable the Story Plan for your account, log into your Sked Social account (or start a 7-day free trial). Click on Billing/Profile Settings in the sidebar menu (green arrow below). Creative Instagram Story Ideas – Sked Social 2. Next, go to the “Instagram Stories” section and turn on the ” Enable Instagram Stories Schedule” switch.




Creative Instagram Story Ideas, Timetables Using Class Schedules for IGTV and Your Business 2 3. To create a story post, go to the Upload Posts dashboard, select your Instagram account, and select Stories in the Upload Media menu on the left side of the screen . Upload an image or video to use from Costa Rica B2B List your computer, Google Drive/Photos, Dropbox, Instagram URL or Canva . Click “Continue” . Story Upload – Sked Social 4. Once the upload is approved, click Continue to proceed with image editing. 5. Select the desired crop by moving the preset Story dimension crop as desired. Magic Crop uses Sked’s full-featured photo editor to make the final edit to

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