How Oracle Uses 3play Media to Caption Its Training Videos

Hearing loss is an invisible disability oracle uses captioning to make its oracle. University content accessible to deaf and hard of hearing employees and subscribers. They caption 100% of their online videos . In engagement and understanding through captioning. Oracle uses captions and transcripts to enhance its video-on-demand training program called Oracle University. Oracle University is both an offline and online program. The program’s mission is to help accelerate a customer’s adoption of Oracle Morocco Phone number technology. To improve engagement and understanding of training programs, Oracle decided to caption and transcribe 100% of its online video content. In the webinar, Improving Engagement and Understanding in Training Videos. The Oracle Way Ben Labrum Senior Principal Product. Manager at Oracle University, looked at the improvements.

The Advantages of Subtitling According to Oracle La Transcription

Beyond wanting to make their videos accessible and compliant, Oracle subtitles because. Of the incredible benefits that captioning and transcription have for all users. Oracle University has subscribers from all over the world. As a result, Oracle has seen how subtitles help non-native speakers better engage with and understand content. Oracle has also noticed the benefits of closed captions for users in noisy places. As well as when accessing Oracle content through their phones. Captions give viewers the ability Morocco Phone number to interact with content when and how the user wants. Additionally, Oracle has seen incredible benefits from the transcript search and interactive playlist feature. As Ben explains in the webinar, many Oracle videos are long – around 20 minutes and up. Oracle helps students stay engaged with the interactive transcript. The interactive transcript allows a user to search for a keyword in the transcript and then jump.

Should You Caption Company Training Videos Descriptions

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Company training videos must be accessible as required by Titles I and II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Act was created to ensure equal opportunity for people with disabilities. In employment, state and local utilities, public housing, commercial facilities, and transportation. Title I of the ADA prohibits employers and government agencies from discriminating against qualified individuals on Morocco Phone number the basis of disability. This includes all aspects of a job, from application to training. Therefore, if a company uses online videos to train its employees, these should be made available on demand. Title II of the ADA applies to public entities. Title II stipulates that public entities cannot refuse to accommodate people with disabilities and must. Provide the necessary aids so that these people have equal access.


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