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This is reflected in the fact that I post three times a day on the Juno Records. Instagram page (usually Page Not Found around lunchtime) a week. It can be harder for other businesses and other brands to keep finding content. To post, but it really helps to have a draft content plan so you don’t have. To bother to post. Posting at the same time once. A day works because as you gain momentum, your audience will. Start noticing when you post and will start looking for your posts.

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That’s probably why weekly live and radio shows are on the same day and at. The same time, and viewers know when. To watch even though they may not be sure what they’re watching. Say something about how you schedule all your. Content in advance, but do Belarus WhatsApp Number List overdo it by scheduling too early later. Doing so can limit you, and also means that. If you’re quickly scheduling what might become old news, you won’t be able to react. To new developments in the industry. Things move fast on social media, and the real emphasis is. On the latest content.



Don’t be afraid to try new things It’s important to try new things on Instagram and. All social networks. Don’t be afraid to confuse them. And experiment to see how they fade away with your audience, and how they respond. If it doesn’t work, it’s no big deal. It might.  you always post photos, try posting videos and vice versa. It’s easy to get bogged down and do the same thing over. And over again, like a habit. Your audience will quickly notice if things are getting. The same and get bored quickly. On the other hand. If you find something that’s really good and works well for your page, go ahead and do.

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