May 2019 Digital Events Not to Be Missed This Is the Perfect

Like the previous months, the month of May is filled with events that are more or less digital. This is the perfect time to meet and discuss with other professionals. Several events will take place in Paris, and others will take place in different cities of France. This event will be the first to take place in Paris and will remain there for 3 days: May 16, 17, and 18, at Porte de Versailles. It deals Iran Phone number with the subject of innovations. This year, it will celebrate its 3rd edition. In just 3 years, this event has become global. It has become the meeting place for startups and leaders. There will be people from over 125 different countries.

Inauguration of Vivatech 2018 by the President of the Republic

This year, the e-commerce connect event returns for its 11th edition. It will take place on May 23 in Paris at the salons hoche, and will allow entrepreneurs and decision-makers in e-commerce, e-marketing, and customer relations to come together to share their Iran Phone number experiences, tips, and advice. You will have the opportunity to attend several conferences led by major brands but also to workshops, as detailed in their program.

It Offers Fewer Benefits Than the First but Includes Lunch

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This show revolves around the development of web and mobile applications with the React library. It will take place from May 21 to 24 in Paris, at the Espace Charenton. It is based on the intervention of the best specialists and enthusiasts of the React community. The event is separated into 2: the 21st and 22nd will take. Place the workshops, and the 23rd and 24th the conferences . It aims to iran phone number share inspiring talks. Which explore new futuristic ideas around all the technologies in the react ecosystem. The prices vary depending on the workshops you want to participate in. Or if you want to go to conferences and workshops.

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