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instagram-bio-ideas-aerie Additionally, the click-to-shop feature allows customers to quickly and easily obtain eye-catching products. 23. Madewell We all know that Madewell sells jeans, shoes, t-shirts, dresses and people who specialize in women’s clothing. Its Instagram bio is a good reference for the company’s products. Made by instagram bio-minds Plus some simple step-by-step instructions on how to shop through their Instagram feed. After all, what’s the point of showing your product if your customers can’t buy it? 24. Panera bread Panera Bread has an interesting question. How does it create creatures that can make products (especially bread) stand out?

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The answer lies in describing the taste, look and feel of the bread. But it doesn’t stop there. The brand has links to recipes you can try at home while using their products. instagram-bio-ideas-panerabread It also helps invite customers to share Insta-worthy food photos. 25. Play-Doh You’ve played with Play-Doh aleast Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List once in your life, right? Think twice, if you can, and think back to the joy of creating objects and playing with colored dirt. instagram-bio-ideas-playdoh If looking at Play-Doh’s Instagram bio gives a nostalgic feel, then you might see why it’s so effective. At first glance, it reminds you of the joy of using the product, followed by a subtle joke that some people might see it as food.


The resume also mentions the year the brand has been in business, thus highlighting the brand’s long history. After that, it includes a link to a video on how to create a Play-Doh kitten. 26. Shiseido instagram-bio-ideas-shiseido Not many brands have a rich history or heritage. So if you have one, it’s better to use it. Shiseido’s simple creatures exemplify its reputation for creating high-quality products with the help of art, science and beauty. It’s straightforward, but perfectly sums up the brand’s purpose and heritage. in conclusion So let’s review what we’ve learned from these Instagram bio ideas. How do you create an Instagram bio that stands out

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