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You need to plan to interact and engage with your followers. What should you do? There are many different ways to get involved, including (but not limited to): Reply to Comments: When someone leaves a friendly note on your post, be sure to write it back! Comment Taiwan Phone Number List and like other posts: Whether they’re posts from influencers or other businesses in your industry , get out there and actively engage with other accounts. Create branded tags : When users tag their own posts with this term, you will be able to easily find and interact with them. Leverage Instagram Live: Having the ability to answer questions in real time is an incredible feature. Run Instagram Contests: Everyone loves to win, which makes contests an effective way

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to get more audience interaction. Regardless of which specific strategy you choose to implement, the important thing to remember is that you need to talk and interact, not just post. Set aside some time each week for giving. Having a designated time to respond to comments, comment on other posts, and have friendly exchanges with other users will go a long Taiwan Phone Number List way to boosting your Instagram reputation. Related: Explore more ways to increase your Instagram engagement. Step 8: Grow Your Reach with Instagram Ads In the end, when it comes to learning how to use Instagram for business, it’s hard to beat the advertising features on Instagram. As mentioned, this is one of the perks of having a business account: only users with


a business account (rather than a single account) and a Facebook page can run Instagram ads. According to Instagram, there are many different options for the types of ads you can run: Image Ads: Share your message with simple, beautiful photos. Video ads: Include sound and motion, not just still photos. Carousel ads: Users can swipe through a series Taiwan Phone Number List of photos or videos. Stories Ads: Ads that appear in the “Instagram Stories” section of the platform. Likewise, Instagram’s algorithm appears to be driving brands in the direction of buying ads. Really frustrating. But, luckily, advertising on Instagram can be effective. Just like on Facebook, businesses can zero in on and target customers based on demographics, behaviors and

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