Inbound Marketing Can Obtain a Fair Success With an Adequate Return

Even blogs, especially those specialized in certain topics, can be used. For a sectoral marketing strategy that aims to involve a specific target group of web users. The funnel path called funnel the concept that is. Defined when talking about funnels is quite simple. As we know this term in english means funnel and is used precisely to describe. The inverted cone or funnel path that the user goes through from start to finish or only partially to pass from stranger or in any. Case a simple visitor to a website, an interested user and finally a loyal customer, if not even a promoter.

In short, the funnel is a kind of journey that transports the user to be. Directed towards the purchase of a product service. Sales funnel the different steps of the funnel the funnel, as we have seen, consists of several steps, several phases that the user goes through virtually guided by those who have put their experience in creating a marketing funnel so well done, as to convince the user who was previously a stranger.


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The contact is something more than a simple visitor photo background removing to the site , because it is the one who leaves data and information, which will be used to be able to contact him again and offer him new content. These are therefore very important data, which the company can use in its favor to try to entice the user himself to purchase to perform certain actions. Naturally, for a user to be willing to leave this personal information, including telephone contact and email, it is essential that he find his own advantage.

It is therefore possible to propose a small gift, which may vary depending on the type of sector, content to download, such as useful guides in pdf at the time of registration, promotional discount codes. In short, we try to convince the visitor who in some way was already attracted by the content proposed by the page on the site and thus sufficiently satisfied, to agree to provide their data.

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To this database of contacts it is necessary to send content KHB Directory created ad hoc to ensure that the users attention does not fail and that sooner or later decides to conclude a purchase. So here we come to the next step, the one in which the visitor to the site , who. Later became contact, becomes a customer and. Therefore realizes all the work done so far. The process leading to this phase can be short or long enough, depending. On the customers decision time, but once a first purchase is. Concluded, the road is all downhill. Keeping a customer is in fact easier than finding them, but you have to keep them. Updated and entice them with interesting offers and proposals. If the customer perceives the excellent quality of the service offered, he tends to come back and thus becomes loyal.

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