In replying you must be cordial, respectful and polite and never use

In this particular case, therefore, more than undermining your online reputation, users report a problem, a negative aspect or something that you could change, so this opinion can only help you make your business better and more attentive to customer needs. . Negative reviews very often concern the staff lack of empathy. Lack of availability, incompetence, etc., also in this case these judgments useful for evaluating the work of your employees, especially. Opinions agree and expressed from different people. Negative reviews are essential especially when starting a new online business, to understand what customers want and what are the aspects to improve or change to meet their satisfaction.



How to respond to negative reviews

Handle bad reviewafter understanding the importance of photo retouching service negative reviews obviously if they are constructive and not fake and how much they can contribute to improving your business, its time to go into detail and understand how to respond to a negative review. First of all, if you have just read a negative review, do not respond immediately, but give yourself time to calm your emotional reaction and then with a clear mind deal with the problem. After taking your time, remember that it is always important to respond to negative reviews , not doing so would mean not countering or superficially accepting a judgment that could contribute in a small part to orient the judgment of other customers.

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The task of responding to negative reviews

Must be done by a person expert in managing relations KHB Directory with the public or at most by the owner of the business, but absolutely do not rely on the latest arrival or those who propose to respond in kind to the review . If the review does not absolutely reflect reality , try to understand if it is a false opinion and pure invention, collecting as much data as possible and respond politely that the opinions expressed do not correspond to reality.  The practice of copy and paste, so as not to convey the message that you dont care what the customer thinks and that all judgments are on the same level. If the customer has provided any images indicating a disruption, you must apologize immediately and promise to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

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