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business with your followers. From the Instagram home screen, just swipe right to easily access the Instagram Stories camera. The camera screen includes several options: live, boomerang, normal, rewind, and hands-free recording. While live Macedonia Phone Number List and Boomerang have always been there, the other three media options are relatively new. Instagram Business Stories – Sked Social Is it worth using Instagram Stories? You’re probably used to the traditional way of media, and the content you publish stays there all the time. But now, new types of content with a 24-hour lifespan have entered the marketing arena. So you can share in a more authentic way.

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People aren’t just using Instagram Stories to connect with friends. One-third of the most-viewed stories are from businesses. These impressive engagement numbers are a testament to the popularity of Instagram itself. With almost 50% of brands already using Instagram, can your brand really afford it? There are many more reasons why marketers and Macedonia Phone Number List entrepreneurs should seriously consider using Instagram Stories: Active user base : With 250 million daily user records, this is a good opportunity to increase traffic. Easy to create : It’s futile to spend a lot of time on posts that disappear the next day. All it takes to have a good Instagram Story is a quick idea, and some creativity. Allows you to test the waters




These stories are not as public as regular articles, so this is great for testing ideas. If people have been watching your story without falling, you can safely repost it as a permanent Instagram post. Testing content enables you to figure out what works and Macedonia Phone Number List make adjustments quickly. Alternatively, you can adjust your idea of ​​using other social media channels. Lots of features : you have drawing tools, tons of augmented reality filters and a variety of stickers. How to use Instagram Stories to your advantage Are you interested in Instagram Stories but not sure where to start?

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