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Implement a feel-good discount I’m the biggest fan of discounts. A few years ago, a blue satin dress at TJ Maxx caught my eye. Bolivia Phone Number. I didn’t like the style, but the fabric was nice and the length was perfect for my stocky 5ft 1in frame. thought I’d give it a try and headed for the locker room.  was on the fence about it so I made a deal with myself – if it was below $75 I would buy it, above $75 and it would land in the discard pile . Bolivia Phone Number. I took a look at the price and, at $109, it exceeded the budget. However, I then noticed that it was a Stella McCartney designer dress priced at $1750. That’s a 94% discount!

Good Discount I’m the Biggest Fan of Discounts a Bolivia Phone Number

Let me repeat, a ninety percent reduction. Needless to say, I made the purchase and, despite spending a little more than expected, I felt good, even proud.  And yes, she may have styled it better but I bet she didn’t get the same discount… The bottom line here is that humans are more likely to Bolivia Phone Number follow through with a purchase when we feel like we’ve made a deal about it. Advertisers should take advantage of this and include special offers or discounts in their display ads.

Few Years Ago, a Blue Satin Dress at Tj Bolivia Phone Number

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To really determine what resonates with your audience, test multiple offers. In the example below, you can see that we’ve experimented with two different options, free shipping and 50% off . Customer click-through rates DOUBLE when we moved to the second offer. Bolivia Phone Number.  Another example might be testing a 50% off $10 off order. display an ad with discounts Of course, you’ll need to be aware of the most appropriate offers for your business model, but this tactic is definitely worth exploring! Looking for more examples? Check out the best display ads we’ve seen in 2020. Creative Display Ad Tip. Bolivia Phone Number.  Choose Your Color Scheme Wisely Every detail counts when creating your image ads and color choices are no exception.

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