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This article sorts out the ideas and methods in the Bahamas Mobile Number previous experience optimization practice in the middle and back offices. How to efficiently optimize the experience of the entire system from a design perspective. And how to not only stay at the presentation layer. And hope to communicate and collide with you. In the initial stage Bahamas Mobile Number of the product. The back-end system is only to support the front-end and realize functions. However. As the product becomes larger and larger. Each small function optimization of the front-end may be supported by a whole set of back-end support systems and a whole operates product groups to maintain. Therefore. The experience of the background system also affects the work efficiency of team members and the image of a product in front of users.

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The experience improvement of the background Bahamas Mobile Number system is not only the improvement of the user experience. But also the improvement of the performance and the specification of the product logic. Compared with other tasks. The task Bahamas Mobile Number of system experience improvement is different in that interaction designers do not passively accept a single point of demand. Nor do they have a predetermined model to execute. But actively think about how to measure experience and how to manage experiences globally and how to better plan scenarios. Under this premise. Interaction designers should be more responsible for the overall experience. So it is very important to give full play to the initiative of designers. As peter drucker. The husband of modern management. Said. If we don’t know the status quo of the platform. There will be no “Promotion”.

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In c-end products and even some b-end products. We have many smart ways to measure the status quo of a product. Such as net promoter score. Bounce rate. And task completion rate. We can directly observe the link of user loss from data. Which is convenient and efficient. Objective. However. For the middle and back-end systems used within the Bahamas Mobile Number company. One is that the data sample size is small. Which may not accurately represent the problem; more importantly. No matter what the experience is. The user must also Bahamas Mobile Number complete the task of the system for the purpose of completing the work. The so-called completion rate and experience are not necessarily related. When there is little data. Think the other way around. Data analysis is to objectively analyze the behavior of all users for a large-scale product. And abstract each user into a set of data for comprehensive evaluation. So if each of your users is critical. And you can have a face-to-face conversation with them without too much effort. Wouldn’t it help you get to know your users better? User interviews. Usability testing. And user experience maps are all very suitable for this scenario.

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