How to Produce Wcag Compliant Video Captions Audio Descriptions

The only real way to know for sure that your captions and descriptions are. Compliant is to audit them. To test whether open and closed captions meet. Level aa requirements, the w3c basically recommends that you watch video content. With captions on and ensure that the Panama Phone number  all dialogue and significant sounds. Are visible keeping in mind that these visible captions provide an equivalent. Experience for any viewer who cannot hear you can also work with a vendor that. Is wcag 2.0 level aa compliant so you don’t have to worry about auditing to that degree. Start by reviewing these provider checklists for captioning and audio description.

What Are Wcag-compliant Captions and Descriptions the Standard

W3c, the world wide web consortium, which created wcag. Has nothing like exact conformance metrics to measure the quality of captions and descriptions. There’s nothing on their website that says your captions have to be x% accurate. Although the generally accepted industry  or that your descriptions have to be that long. Or also descriptive instead, wcag 2.0 takes a broader approach to Panama Phone number accessibility. By simply requiring that all web content obey each of the for principles. This means that either open or closed captions must be provided for. Pre-recorded and live video and audio content to meet level aa audio description requirements. Audio descriptions must be “Provided for all pre-recorded video content on synchronized media.

But how do you know when an equivalent experience is offered?


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For captioning, we’ve compiled industry best practices using information from the National Association of the Deaf’s Captioning Key, the FCC, and our own captioning guidelines. For an accessible guide to audio description, see the American Council of the Blind guidelines.  Legal Regulations Panama Phone number WCAG Referencing. States Department of Justice regarding accessibility issues on the edX website, including thefailure to provide accurate and complete captioning on the video content of the courses on the platform. EdX has agreed to make its wbsite fully accessible, develop a web accessibility policy, and urge course providers to make web content accessible before posting.



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