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However , We mentioned that the organizational Sweden Phone Numbers structure is an important basis for the authority system of the software system. The software gives different permissions to different employees according to their positions in the organization. However , Only the right to view and use. The ordinary administrator has the right to view and modify the Sweden Phone Numbers software. And the super administrator has the maximum authority. This article will combine the mobile terminal and the management terminal to talk about some ways of building the authority system and the effects of use. Baidu encyclopedia’s explanation on rights management is: ” rights management generally refers to the security rules and security policies set by the system. Users can access and only access their authorized resources. No more or no less.

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However , Rights management almost occurs in any a Sweden Phone Numbers system of users and passwords.” it can be seen that rights management is essentially a series of rules and policies that help the system to regulate user “behaviors” well. And users who are not allowed to do or watch by the system cannot operate and learn. Rights management is Sweden Phone Numbers different from concepts such as “User authentication”. “Password encryption”. And “System management”. So don’t confuse them. User identity authentication solves the problem of “Who are you”; password encryption belongs to the field of user identity authentication; system management is generally a module of the system. Which includes a sub-module of rights management. But the rights management of system management is only a the operation interface allows administrators to set security policies such as roles. Generally.

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When we do a rights manage ment system. We basically only involve the rights management of one end. The reason is that usually only the pages and  management items involved in the background management end need rights management. And the mobile terminal does not involve too many rights management issues. However , Such as Sweden Phone Numbers medical products. Mobile users use user names and passwords for authentication. Normal use is fine. And there is no need to give users hierarchical permissions. Oa products are quite special. In the entire product operation system. Each end will involve the rights management system. The root of this reason is that the oa system has a clear user hierarchy and a complex structure. If it is an industry-specific oa. It will be more complicated

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