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video and clicking the chain icon to add your destination URL. Sked also gives you an option to schedule an Instagram story and add a link at that point. However, you should note that you still need to have a business account and the feature must be enabled for it to work. 34. How to Create an Instagram Story Solomon Islands B2B List Highlight Cover? If you’re jealous of those fancy brand icons that people have in their Instagram Stories highlights, you can easily create them yourself. instagram-faqs-highlight-covers First, design the cover using a program of your choice, such as Canva. Instagram Stories are 1080 x 1920 px, so make sure to resize accordingly and place the icon in the middle of the canvas. Download the image so you’re ready to upload it to Instagram.

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Next, you’ll need to open the story archive to make sure your highlights are working. Navigate to your Instagram settings, select “Story Settings”, and hit the “Save to Archive” toggle. In order for you to use the highlight cover, it needs to appear as an Instagram story and then remain in your archive. Kind of annoying, but that’s how things work. Post your design to your Instagram story and click “Highlight” in the bottom right corner Solomon Islands B2B List of the story. At that point, you can add the cover to an existing Instagram highlight, or create a brand new Instagram Stories highlight. 35. What do you think about who sees your Instagram Stories? Open your Instagram story and swipe up on the screen. This will show the total number of people viewing your story and their usernames. 36. How long can people watch Instagram Stories?



Instagram Stories will only disappear after 24 hours unless you save your Instagram Story as highlighted (at which point it will appear on your profile until you delete it). 37. Is there a way to save Instagram Stories? Yes! As mentioned above, you can save a story as a highlight by  the “Highlights” button in the lower right corner. You can use this story as a new highlight or add it to an existing story. 38. How do you zoom in on Instagram Stories? When shooting an Instagram Stories video, make sure to keep one finger on the Record button (or the recording will stop!) and swipe up and down the screen with the other finger. That’s how you control zooming in or out of your Instagram Stories. 39. What are the dimensions of Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories are 1080px wide and 1920px tall. 40. How do you take

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