How to Optimize Your Mobile Strategy Mobile Has Become More

This is why it has become essential to have an optimized mobile strategy. If you need advice on your mobile strategy, contact your digital strategy agency. The importance of a mobile strategy before knowing mexico phone number how to properly. Optimize your mobile strategy, it is essential to know how indispensable. It has become for companies according to january 2018 figures. 34% of web pages are viewed on mobile. An increase of 49% compared to the previous year. Contrary to the desktop which decreases (-14% in 1 year).Reaching 59% of the web.  Pages consulted (source: le journal du cm ). All sites must therefore be optimized for mobile.

Optimize Your Mobile Strategy Thanks to the Content of Your Website

These figures indicate that establishing a mobile strategy for a company is no longer a choice. This has become a necessity if it wants to continue. For example, if an Internet user is not satisfied when he goes to a mobile site, there is a 62% less chance that he will want to buy later from this brand (Source: Think With Google ). What to consider when developing a mobile strategy First, when Mexico Phone number developing a mobile strategy, ask the right questions. These are simply the same as for a classic digital strategy. So you have to ask yourself questions such as: Who is my product for? What are his expectations? What are my own expectations of my website? And how do I match my clients’ expectations with my expectations?

What to Consider When Developing a Mobile Strategy

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This is why you have to think “Mobile-first” when developing a site. It is advisable to create a mobile-friendly website model. Then adjust it to the desktop, and not the other way around. In order t.O optimize your site on mobile, it is good to put yourself in the shoes of your users. Experimenting with your site, as an internet user would on yours. Allows you to know which part of the website does not work, or which part can. Frustrate someone visiting the site on mobile. This is why it must be tested frequently mexico phone number using tools such as google’s mobile optimization. Test or pagespeed ​​insights ultimately, the mobile site must perform well. If it doesn’t load quickly, the user won’t stay on it and take no action. As proof, 53% of visits are abandoned if a page on mobile takes more than 3 seconds to load.

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