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Google News represents a wealth of information for Internet users. Indeed, this service offered by the most used search engine in France attracts a large number of users day by day. To improve your visibility on Google, it is in your best interest to be present on Google News. How to succeed on Google News? Our experts give you their advice. What are the essential steps to success on Canada Phone number Google News? Securing your website This step may seem futile to you, but it is important to remember that security is the basis of a good website. Indeed, Google and our experts strongly advise you to secure your website by adopting the “HTTPS” protocol. To find out if a website is secure, you just have to look at whether or not there is a padlock next to your site’s URL.

What Are the Essential Steps to Success on Google News

Don’t waste your time duplicating the entire content of a third party. Website hoping to appear at the top of the results. On the contrary, you risk being penalized for it. In addition, appearing on google news. Gives internet users a guarantee of reliability on the part of your site. It is therefore important to pay attention to the content of your site and to be as transparent as possible. Optimize the loading time of its pages in addition to being a source of annoyance for the internet user. Excessively long Canada Phone number loading times are seo criteria sanctioned by google. You must therefore make sure to optimize the loading time of your site to guarantee. The internet user a better user experience. But also to improve the visibility of your website in the search engine result pages.

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When the google news crawlers come to your site. They will need to find the titles of your content very quickly. Therefore, you must structure your article with hn tags. Respect a certain harmony in your titles by using an. H1 tag for your main title and h2 to h6 tags for your various subtitles. Also, make available the time and date of publication of your article so that. It can be indexed correctly Canada Phone number in the results of google news. An example of a title structure with hn tags does not mess with how google news works. The google news algorithm is not fooled. Indeed, do not bother to update the date of an article. Without having modified the content beforehand.

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