Google Ads The Tips To Know To Increase Your Visibility

Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is the best known and essential tool for improving the SEO of your site. Indeed, in France, Google is the leading search engine with 94.13% market share in March 2019 (Source: StatCounter). Some tips are therefore to be known in order to increase your SEA visibility on this search engine. Well-chosen keywords for optimal SEO In order Thailand Phone numbe increase the visibility of your website on the search engine, the first thing to do, and the best known of all, is to choose keywords. First, you have to identify those associated with the products or services offered by the company, and which must be highlighted. It must be the words used by Internet users in their searches that must be chosen, so it is advisable to put yourself in their shoes in order to choose those that could be used the most.

Well-chosen Keywords for Optimal Seo Be Used the Most

You must also think about anticipating negative keywords since they block the display of ads when they are present in a request. This will increase the click-through rate, but also the quality score. Search volume: This will give an indication of how much the keywords will cost. Competition: it Thailand Phone number allows you to see the competition of a word, that is to say, to see all the variants of it. You will be able to see which words are the most used by Internet users, and therefore choose the most relevant while seeing their price. The quality score is there to average the bids on the keywords.

Content for Better Visibility the Content of an Advertisement

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This Will Allow the Internet User to Immediately Know the Content of the Page. Will Be Since He Quickly Passes Over It and Therefore Does Not Read All of Its Content. His Eye Must Then Be Drawn to the Keyword. In Order to Save as Much Money as Possible. It Will Is Necessary to Put on Hold the Keywords That Are Less Relevant and Which Therefore Waste Money. To-Do This, It Will Is Thailand Phone number Necessary to Regularly Review All the Keywords Chosen and Therefore Pauses. Those That Are No Longer Profitable. Content for Better Visibility the Content of an Ad Has an Impact on the Site’s Referencing. It Is, Therefore, Necessary to Take Into Account Several Things: the Title. It Must Be Just as Concise as Descriptive. The Url: This Is That of the Landing Page.a Page Specially Designed for Google Ads Campaigns.


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