Take Part in Our Next Breakfast Conference on Google Ads Remarketing

It is now a regular appointment to which we invite you. This time our digital experts will address the theme of Google Ads Remarketing. If this term vaguely rings a bell, then this event is for you. Our Traffic Managers, specialists in the Google Ads advertising Denmark Phone number network, will explain to you what Remarketing consists of. Then, they will deepen the subject by showing you the possible strategies thanks to the customer case study. Finally, they will show you the power potential of Remarketing. Are you interested in the event? Sign up.

The Remarketing Breakfast Process Our Event Will Take Place

I’m registering for The Remarketing Breakfast Process Our event will take place on Thursday, February 28 at 8:30 a.m. at Seine Innopolis. You will be welcomed in the NWX coworking space where part of the team will be waiting for you with coffee, tea, and pastries. After a good breakfast, we will reveal all the secrets of Remarketing on Google Ads. The topics addressed On Google Ads, Remarketing Denmark Phone number the equivalent of retargeting is an advertising retargeting technique that consists of targeting an Internet user who has visited a website without carrying out any action (a purchase, an account creation, a subscription to a form.

The Topics Addressed on Google Ads Remarketing

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First, our Traffic Managers will come back to this, that is to say, the basics of a Remarketing strategy. Then, they will return to the fact that such a strategy can meet two different objectives. They will explain to you what are notoriety and conversion strategies. To support their point, they will illustrate the conference with specific case studies. Finally, they will go a little further by providing advice  Denmark Phone number  for optimizing your Remarketing campaigns and for moving up a gear with Advanced Remarketing. Stakeholders Our Google Ads specialists for breakfast on Remarketing Two of our Google Ads specialists will lead this conference. Thibault des Champs de Boishebert and Laëtita Mazarin, who hold the position of Traffic Managers, are both Google Ads certified.

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