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How to Add Links on Instagram Sked Social Businesses should at least include a link to their website in their profile, lest followers want to learn more. But how do you use this space to share Instagram posts that refer to a specific URL Here’s how. If you want to keep it simple, you can update your profile link to reflect the Kiribati B2B List title of the latest post. For example, if you post a photo of a new product and say “Learn more at the link in our profile” or include an emoji in the caption, followers will go to your profile to click the link. The downside of this

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option is that you’ll have to update your profile link every time you post a new photo. That might get old. Also, if followers look back on your timeline and see old posts that also reference the profile link in the title, they may be confused or unable to access the matching URL. Another option is to use a tool like Sked Link. Sked Link is a free tool that helps you optimize your Instagram profile link space. It generates a custom URL that you place Kiribati B2B List on your profile, and when followers click on that URL, they’ll have access to a branded page that can display as many links as you choose. Here, businesses can share links to their websites, email lists, product pages, or popular blog posts. The tool is completely free and great for driving more traffic, sales, news feeds and opportunities. Sign up for a Sked Link account here.

How to Add Links on Instagram – Sked Social back to menu 6. Guarantee the valid content of the clicked link Well, how are you . Now, let’s discuss . What kind of Instagram content pairs well with links? Since clickable links require more effort for your followers, you want to make sure that each link adds Kiribati B2B List more value to the context of your Instagram story or post. Now that you know how to include clickable links, don’t get too obsessed with URLs. Otherwise, they won’t be special to your followers. Here are some novel ways to add links that can further add value to your content and benefit your audience.

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