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Tokyo is recognized as the most aging city in the Netherlands Phone Numbers world. In his book “When the world is old and poor.” However,  ted fishman wrote that by 2050. Japan is expected to have around 35 million elderly people. Or 40 percent of the country’s population. Therefore, In 2019. China’s elderly population over the age of 60 was 250 million. Accounting for 18%. It is expected that the Netherlands Phone Numbers proportion of the elderly population will increase to 20% by 2027. Entering a deeply aging society. By 2050. The elderly population will reach 487 million. Accounting for 1/3 of the total population. And the super-aging society will be accompanied by all post-80s and post-90s retirement careers . Therefore,  Increases in life expectancy and reductions in mortality are positive results of scientific progress. Active ageing is becoming more and more important both from an individual and a group perspective.

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However, Participation and safety in order to improve the quality Netherlands Phone Numbers of life as people age”. The elderly are often hospitalize for common diseases (such as high blood pressure. Heart disease. Alzheimer’s. Etc.). And they often need a certain level of support to improve their daily life and mobility. Under the increasingly serious phenomenon of social aging. It also reflects the imperfection of the national pension system and the scarcity Netherlands Phone Numbers of medical resources. Therefore. Most of the care of the elderly with mild symptoms must be complete by family members at home. As the support for medical and pension resources. Replenish. Therefore , At this stage. The treatment and rehabilitation of chronic diseases often require patients to regularly go to the rehabilitation department of the hospital for rehabilitation training accompanied by their family members. With the advancement of science. The fields of mobile internet.

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However, This makes it possible for the elderly to wear Netherlands Phone Numbers sensing equipment at home. Perform simulated rehabilitation training through software. Therefore, And upload relevant medical data to the hospital for doctors to refer to and give instructive suggestions. However. The lack of acceptance of high-tech technology by the elderly causes family  members to spend more time participating in the rehabilitation process of the elderly. Which in turn increases the family burden of middle-aged chinese. However, The social and economic “Main force” under the strong pressure of social work cannot squeeze out more time to intervene and accompany the elderly in their rehabilitation. On the one hand. The development of technology has made it possible to actively age at home. On the other hand. The elderly have poor acceptance of technology.

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