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People love frames. Much of the world is built on Algeria Mobile Number one framework or another. Especially in the business world and in product management: whether it’s for feature prioritization. Requirements writing. Customer interviews. Or calculating metrics. Etc. Get the frame. A common pm question is: “Do we pm have such Algeria Mobile Number a framework?” the answer is yes. Because frameworks are a useful tool – they provide a foundation on which people can build ideas to achieve a specific purpose or goal. And their value is amplifie when they are share across teams. Companies and industries . I don’t dare to claim to be an authority on these two philosophers and their ideas. But at the very least. I hope it will light up your intellectual spark or intellectual curiosity and give you a better understanding of these great philosophers.

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Dialectics is a method of philosophical argumentation  Algeria Mobile Number in which opposing parties engage in constant debate until a certain consensus is reached. The ancient greek philosopher socrates (469 bc-399 bc) achieved great Algeria Mobile Number success with this method. And his philosophy and ideas were developed by his most famous student plato (427 bc-347 bc) pass it on to us because socrates himself never wrote anything (I guess he didn’t like documentation). In plato’s writings. Which we know as platonic or socratic dialogues. We read of various philosophical disputes between socrates and his athenian companions. These passionate and wide-ranging debates provided us with socratic dialectics. Which are still being studied and applied around the world today. Dialogue or debate between people with opposing views is a classic example of dialectics and is what socratic dialectics are all about.

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Dialogue usually consists of the following: the  interlocutor expresses a point that socrates disagrees with. Since socrates is not a person who does not look at the problem – he gains a great deal from helping people find errors in their thinking fun – so the debate ensues. How to agree on solving problems and disagree constructively on the Algeria Mobile Number best way to solve those problems. And together develop a deeper understanding of our customers. Their needs. And the right solutions for which we invest our time and resources ? In agile development. There is nothing more enjoyable than a meeting with the team to discuss. Improve: ideas and opinions are freely raise. After a lively discussion. Ideas are acknowledged and polishe. And finally. The team not only agree

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