Twitter Introduces Two New Dashboards for Advertisers

At CES 2019, Twitter announced the arrival of a new program that would allow users to preview new features in the beta version. Some new features (an online presence indicator, the creation of statuses, etc.) will be part of this participatory program with users. But during CES 2019, the social network also announced the arrival of two new “dashboards”! The “dashboard” As part of the deployment of two new “dashboards”, we will first help you see things more clearly. What is a “dashboard”? A “dashboard” is nothing more than a dashboard. In other words, a “dashboard” is a summary of important information in one place. The goal is to be able to access information quickly and understand it easily. This is an asset for companies that can organize themselves more and understand the figures of their company.

As Part of the Deployment of Two New “Dashboards” We Will First

What is a “dashboard” used for? Generally, the “dashboard” is used for the evaluation of the organization of companies according to different indicators. The “dashboard” also allows the company to have a quick and efficient visualization of information on the latter. As a result, it is accessible by all employees and allows you to know what each person’s role is. What the day’s tasks are, or even all the information relating to the company’s figures in relation to its google analytics performance, for Germany Phone number example. Twitter news we were telling you about it. The network decides to launch two new “dashboards”, but what are they really for? The Analytics Dashboard The first dashboard to appear is the “ Analytics dashboard ”. The latter allows users to see the reach of their various publications. Also, users will be able to know who reads their publications for example.

Twitter News We Were Telling You About It the Network Decides

This new feature was to be eagerly awaited by companies. Who will finally be able to know the fallout from their tweets? They will also be able to understand the engagement that their publications provide. But also prepare more effective publications based on the data provided by the “dashboard”. Twitter analytics dashboard interface The Event Dashboard As its name suggests, the “Event dashboard” is dedicated to events. This feature is a great novelty since no social network has it yet. It will give advertisers the possibility of accessing information concerning upcoming events, for example. They will then be able to improve their communication strategy by becoming more organized.

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