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However, when your workload is heavy, it’s easy for social media content to fall back into place or be completely forgotten. That’s the beauty of using a scheduler – your content will be published without you having to squeeze in on an already overwhelmed and busy day. Another benefit of scheduling your Bulgaria B2B List social media posts? You are more likely to stick to the strategy. When you’re able to sit down and plan your posts for weeks or even months, it’s easier to focus on overall goals and messages, rather than putting together pieces that can be grouped together or put together.

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Finally, it saves you time. When you’ve already created one Instagram post, it’s much easier and more efficient to create five more Instagram posts, as opposed to having to open those apps, tools, and documents every time you edit a single image. Instagram Marketing Tip 4: Leverage UGC (User Bulgaria B2B List Generated Content) Even the most creative and forward-thinking brains on the planet sometimes struggle to come up with an appealing image and caption to post on Instagram. It happened. So why not share (or, to use the Instagram term, “regram”) the posts your followers


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This is an effective way to not only repurpose some of your existing content, but also to engage your audience, as long as you give credit to their image and speak up. How do you find images you want to share or repost? Well, one way is to scroll through the accounts of followers or influencers who post Bulgaria B2B List content related to your own brand. However, a more straightforward strategy is to create your own hashtags for followers to use on related posts. Everygirl, an online publication aimed at millennial women, is a brand that does just that brilliantly. For example, their hashtag

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