Facebook Presents Its New Measurement Tool Facebook Creative Compass

We hadn’t yet told you about facebook creative compass. A future tool dedicated to advertisers. Last october, facebook announced, during the glocal partner summit. By the same token The imminent arrival of a tool to measure the quality and performance of its facebook ads advertisements. Facebook creative compass is expected to roll out this year. In the meantime, we tell you a Belgium Phone number little more about the tool. Facebook creative compass: a measurement tool for advertisers the facebook creative compass is one of the latest. Analytical tools devised by facebook. This tool will allow advertisers to automatically analyze the quality. Relevance and impact of a facebook ad. It will only take a few seconds to obtain all the information relating to the impact of the advertisement in question.

Facebook Creative Compass a Measurement Tool

The goal is to help advertisers to detect points of improvement thanks to their old advertising campaigns. Thus, they will be able to improve their future advertisements thanks to the analysis of the previous campaigns. Facebook creative compass studies a total of 13 criteria, including noticeability. This criterion evaluates the presence of your ad in users’ news feeds as well as its ability to catch Belgium Phone number the eye. Message understanding: this criterion analyzes the advertising message that you want to convey in your advertising. Also, there is a second rating that judges your message’s ability to be understood in just 15 seconds. Call to action. The tool will analyze your publication and determine if there is a call to action button.

The Criteria Analyzed Several Criteria Are Taken Into Account

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For example, if you want to promote your mobile app. It’s important to add a call to action to the post that links directly to your app’s download page. It is thanks to the study of the text and the image of your advertising that the tool will be able to generate this analysis. The goal is to highlight the relevance and quality of advertising so that. It reaches as many users as possible. The more “high” ratings the advertisement obtains. The more qualitative and relevant it will be. Conversely, if it obtains a majority Belgium Phone number of “Low”. It will imperatively be necessary to rework it to improve its performance. Facebook creative compass scoring criteria the little “Plus” of the tool in addition to getting feedback. On each advertisement launched, advertisers will also be able to test. The impact of their publications in different regions beforehand.


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