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Adding a location to the hashtag of Stories increases the discoverability. Of people who are checking that particular location. Instagram Stories are great for showing viewers more information. About your product or service. Let people know how they. Kuwait Phone Number List can benefit from purchasing your product or service. Viewers are more excited to see your products, increasing their interest in your brand. Bring back memories of the challenges you faced when you first started and how your business has grown since then.

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Use interviews and other strategies to inform your audience of these exciting events and milestones on the page. Do you have company milestones? You can highlight a video interviewing your employees about their best company memories. A good Kuwait Phone Number List example is how Southwest Airlines created a video on Instagram Stories about the retirement of their 737-500 aircraft and interviews with employees highlighting events at the company. How Instagram Stories Can Benefit Your Instagram Engagement While some may be skeptical that these stories will only last for a short period of time, this is actually beneficial in many ways.


You don’t have to keep a lot of photo albums organized. Because your stories have contextual value, your profile becomes a portfolio that showcases your best content. This type of content is also relevant for businesses as it can humanize and provide transparency Kuwait Phone Number List to your business. Therefore, you can communicate more deeply with your target audience. Your stories will appear in the top feeds of users who follow you, not regular articles, which must compete for the top spot. Every time a story is added, your followers will be alerted with a colored ring to indicate that a new story has been published.

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