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Emotional Ads This first new announcement had a positive twist in the language. It was louder than the old announcement, with more conviction, but still weak. Egypt Phone Number. For the next version of the ad, I thought about who my target customer was – probably a scared woman, with kids, a husband, and responsibilities. She was looking for something along the lines of “breast cancer symptoms” so more than likely she thought she might have breast cancer. That’s where I knew we had to catch him. Egypt Phone Number. The persona we took on was the “bringer of bad news”. This second announcement is in no way a feel-good announcement.

New Announcement Had a Positive Twist in the Egypt Phone Number

It’s certainly unconventional, but it’s memorable and has gotten women tested. By telling this fact to a woman, we deliberately wanted to scare her – and the negative ad produced 125% more dates , compared to Egypt Phone Number the positive ad. Impact of negative vs positive emotional ads Even more strikingly, the negative ad produced 170% more phone calls than the positive ad. It makes a lot of sense. The woman has an emergency – so she is more likely to take immediate action and call and make an appointment – rather than fill out a more passive call back form. Impact of positive versus negative emotional ads

Language It Was Louder Than the Egypt Phone Number

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So, for the love of paid search, go write some creative new ads, and I guarantee that in a few months, you’ll see a drastic change in your ad performance. Remember that small changes mean small results and big changes mean big results. Egypt Phone Number. A small change, like using dynamic keyword insertion, will give you a small boost in click-through rate. Writing new emotional ads that make your searchers feel like something will make big changes! Be the mad scientist and fall prey to people’s emotions. Egypt Phone Number. Don’t be afraid to test big, crazy things. When you find something that works, it’s like finding gold!

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