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The previous article “Digital transformation of Kenya Mobile Number enterprise group operation management (1): the core value of digital transformation product planning” mainly introduces the core value of enterprise group management digital transformation product planning. And the second article “Enterprise group operation management digital Kenya Mobile Number transformation: (2) human resources digital transformation product planning of resource and administration” analyzes the digital transformation product planning of human resources and administrative departments. Focusing on the digitization of subtleties. So that enterprises can effectively save operating costs in the process of operation. The customer service. Procurement. Finance and information technology departments of  companies conduct specific analysis on the design and planning of digital products. The characteristics of the group operation of this medical beauty company only set up a customer service center that connects all branches.

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Many companies know that the customer service Kenya Mobile Number center is a very large group. And the pressure on labor costs will also be huge. Therefore. The customer service center needs an effective auxiliary system to help the customer service reduce the workload. But the auxiliary system also needs digital records. Which facilitates the effective adjustment of the entire customer service system in the later stage to better adapt to the development of the Kenya Mobile Number enterprise. And the complete customer service work. Digitalization will also bring great help to the human cost control of customer service. Service satisfaction is the evaluation index of customer service. And it is also a very mature evaluation method at present. However. The evaluation of service satisfaction here is not entirely customer service. However. The customer satisfaction survey here is no longer just for customer service.

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But for all those involved in the customer  service process. Customer service has become a supervisor and an agent evaluator here. That is. Customer service is satisfied with the whole process of service completion for customers. For research. If there is a problem in any link. The customer service has the authority to record and Kenya Mobile Number review. If online research and customer survey questionnaires are used as the basis for assessment. Digital assessment is carried out based on the insufficient links of the whole process assessment. And the assessment results are directly summarized to the service link. In the performance appraisal. 2) post-service complaint evaluation mechanism When there is a customer complaint. Therefore. It is necessary for the digital system to compare the customer information. Record the comparison correctly. Compare the error warning and inquire about the specific reasons. So as to avoid cover.

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