Difference Analysis Between Dingtalk and Wechat Citation Functions China Mobile Number

This article takes dingding and wechat’s “Quote” function as examples to analyze the differences behind the design from the aspects of interactive visual China Mobile Number differences. User behaviors and scenarios. Recommend practitioners in related fields to read and share~ Recently. A friend in the design group asked 2 design questions. Due to the China Mobile Number lack of demand background information. The question became very open. Therefore, And the answerer could not find the starting point. So it was difficult to give an accurate or suitable answer. Difference analysis between dingtalk and wechat citation functions I sincerely feel that interaction design is by no means a simple surface interaction form. But the result of comprehensive consideration of the underlying design principles and business logic. So when we discuss product design. We need to gain insight into the design strategy behind it.

Visual Differences China Mobile Number

Therefore, And 100 million people teach me to make products.” a product will inevitably face various comments and complaints from users. But many feedbacks China Mobile Number are only the user’s experience perception from a personal perspective. Product designers need to have their own judgment and need to be able to propose appropriate design solutions  China Mobile Number from the perspective of the entire product development. Today. I will use the “quote” function of dingding and wechat to analyze the differences behind the design.Wechat “Quote” is a function that appeared in the v7.0.9 version. Which effectively increases the directionality of information and reduces the cost of users’ understanding of information. There are similar functions in other social products or instant messaging tools. Such as dingding’s “Reply” function. From the screenshots. Therefore, It can be seen that there are obvious differences in the design of dingding and wechat.

Other Scene Factors China Mobile Number

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In dingding’s scheme design. The quoted message is at the China Mobile Number top and the reply content is at the bottom. Quoted messages carry the referee’s nickname and the original text. Both of which are displaye in separate lines. Therefore ,Wechat puts the reply content at the top and the quoted message at the bottom. It also includes the nickname of the person being quoted. But it is displaye alongside the quoted message. Dingding reply content and  quote message in a chat card. This display format will increase the amount of information in the card. And cause some information to be repeate. And the readability of the reply content will be weakene . On wechat . The reply content is displaye separately from the quoted message. Which puts more emphasis on the readability of the reply content. At the same time.

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