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The restorf effect. Also known as the isolation  Argentina Mobile Number effect and the novelty effect. Refers to the greater likelihood of remembering unique or special things relative to ordinary things. The restorff effect occurs when there is a difference in the situation ( A stimulus different from the surrounding stimulus) or when there is a difference in the experience  A stimulus different from the one experienced in memory). Nowadays. The amount of Argentina Mobile Number information in product pages is generally very large. And users simply do not have the patience to look through the information to find information. And more often use the method of glance to quickly browse. Therefore. Designers need to deliver key content to users quickly and effectively. On the basis of meeting the requirements of uniformity. It is necessary to make information stand out from the page through differentiated design.

Content Enhancement Argentina Mobile Number

The location and form of the entrance to the home Argentina Mobile Number page have been enhanced. After entering the channel page. The conversion of newcomers becomes the primary task. Attracting users’ attention through atmosphere creation. And encouraging users to place orders with the ultra-low exclusive price of newcomers. Design psychology series (05) – the restorf effect 2. Isolation effect in design 1. Features bring differentiation In order to Argentina Mobile Number maintain consistency. When the visual level cannot make a strong differentiation effect. Isolation can be achieve with the help of functions. For example. Wechat can pin friends or group messages to the top to distinguish them from other messages and ensure the priority of key messages. Design psychology series (05) – the restorf effect 2. Status differentiation Most of the information on the page is static and requires users to actively browse.

Form Differentiation Argentina Mobile Number

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In contrast. Motion effects can be more effective in¬† attracting users’ attention. There are many ways to enter the channel page. And the icon in the king kong area is the first choice. When it is necessary to strengthen certain business functions. Although a single icon can gain more attention by adding dynamic effects. But the Argentina Mobile Number number of icons is large and the space size is limited. The effect is not particularly ideal. So it is necessary to expand the content space . On the homepage of pinduoduo. Duoduo grocery shopping and tens of billions of subsidies are displaye separately on the floor. the restorf effect Banner auto-rotation has become commonplace for users. And its appeal is declining. Users do not have the patience to browse one by one. And when the desire information cannot be obtaine.

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