Design of Marketing Tools Around the User’s Entire Life Cycle Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

However, The cost of acquiring customers on the internet Saudi Arabia Mobile Number  continues to increase. And at the same time. The increase in product revenue is hindered. Therefore. Various companies are striving to reduce the cost of customer acquisition through marketing. And improve the conversion rate to increase revenue. To do a good job in Saudi Arabia Mobile Number marketing. We need to understand the user life cycle. However, Marketing goals and corresponding marketing promotions/tools. The author will cut in from the perspective of the whole life cycle of users and describe how to design marketing/promotional tools. We can use group grouping and new coupons to attract new customers; for growing users and mature users. However, We can use full discounts. Package discounts. And increase purchases to promote user consumption; silent users and lost users.

Product Design Principles Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

The above methods are just examples. And users Saudi Arabia Mobile Number who do not represent the relevant life cycle can only use these marketing/promotional tools. Due to space limitations. The author will share the product design of marketing/promotional tools such as coupons and grouping in the following chapters. If readers are interested . Therefore , The Saudi Arabia Mobile Number author will continue to share the product design of other marketing tools in the future. Coupon management includes scenarios such as coupon issuance and viewing of issuance records. The commonly used coupon design mainly considers the issuing method. Issuing time. Issuing group. Coupon type.  template and coupon receiving pop-up window. Coupons: commonly used coupon types include full discount coupons. Discount coupons. Exchange coupons. Etc.; at the same time. You can set the face value. Validity period.

Consider From ROI Saudi Arabia Mobile Number

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Therefore , Total amount and the amount received by each Saudi Arabia Mobile Number person of the coupon; at the same time. For e-commerce products. You can also specify which categories of e-commerce products are discounted template: issuing coupons can trigger  notification to users at the same time Receipt pop-up window: the coupon- receiving Saudi Arabia Mobile Number pop-up window that the user sees when he logs in to the product/app and collects the coupon the following will briefly introduce the design of the group launch: Activity warm-up: how long before the group will appear .  the group activities. And improve the group forming rate Simulation of forming a group: when the number of people in the group exceeds a certain period of time. The system will automatically fill in the group users to achieve the success of the group and improve.

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