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However, To make a settlement product. Various scenarios of Hungary Mobile Number payment should be considered. So the design of the billing module is particularly important. The same is true in the logistics industry. If you want to make a logistics billing template. You need to Hungary Mobile Number understand the relevant system design. The author has related design ideas. However,  I hope it will help you. It is said that the core goal of supply chain products is to reduce costs and improve efficiency. And since costs are reduced. We must first understand what the “Cost” is and how to calculate the “Cost”. Let’s start with the logistics cost module to understand the relevant system design today. This chapter mainly starts with the logistics methods (mainly land transportation) and logistics costs that

Logistics Template Design Hungary Mobile Number

At present. However, The main logistics methods I have come into Hungary Mobile Number contact with include express delivery.  logistics. And vehicle logistics. Express delivery should be familiar to everyone in daily life. According to its weight. Express delivery can be subdivided into ordinary express and large-size express; Less-than-truckload logistics usually Hungary Mobile Number refers to large-scale carpooling logistics. That is. However, If the consignment is less than a whole vehicle. But it exceeds the upper limit of the weight/volume of express delivery. You need to use the less-than-truckload logistics service. Fixed standard fee : refers to the fixed transportation fee calculated by the logistics company according to the standard billing method. And each transportation will have a fixed fee. For example. Taking our most common express delivery as an example. The standard fee refers to our express fee from place a to place b.

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However, The first weight (1kg) is 10rmb. The additional  weight is 3rmb. And the less than 1kg is calculated as 1kg. Then now we want to send a piece of 2.5kg clothes. And the standard shipping fee is 16rmb. Non-fixed service fees: the Hungary Mobile Number generation of non-fixed service fees depends on whether the customer needs other additional services. Or whether a certain type of additional service is passively generated. However, The picture below shows the related services that sf express can provide when placing an order. After the user selects the service. And in the vehicle logistics. If the logistics company picks up the goods at the agreed time. Due to party a’s mistake and unable to complete the stocking in time. The empty discharge fee caused by the failure of the logistics to start on the same day.

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