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With the gradual improvement of people’s living standards. The public Latvia Mobile Number no longer eat for the purpose of filling their stomachs. But instead pursue food safety and nutritional health. In this regard. The author of this article has designed a custom recipe + community group purchase app. Let’s take a look. In the last issue. I analyzed the current Latvia Mobile Number situation and prospects of the health industry. And conducted a product analysis of the mint health app. Healthy eating app blue ocean market | mint health competitive analysis The following conclusions were drawn: At present. The number of users of diet health applications is far less than that of sports health applications. The reason is that most of the healthy eating applications on the market focus on weight loss and fat reduction. And their coverage is not wide enough.

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If the diet health application wants to expand the Latvia Mobile Number user scale. It needs to emphasize the concept of big health. Attract people in sub-health state and advocate a healthy lifestyle. And meet different types of healthy nutrition needs. Only in this way can the diet health app catch up with keep and become the forefront of health sports apps. There are the following problems in the diet and health applications on the market: Not friendly Latvia Mobile Number enough to support non-fat loss needs User research and dietary preference testing are not comprehensive and accurate enough. Resulting in dietary plans that do not meet user needs and preferences. And even lead to the risk of inducing eating disorders. The mall only sells semi-finished food and health products. But semi-finished products seem to violate the concept of health.

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This issue shows a customized recipe + community  group purchase app that I designed based on research. provide scientific customized diet plans based on accurate user research and dietary preference testing. Shopping mall community group buying: the mall sells ingredients and smart devices. Support one-click purchase of ingredients in the Latvia Mobile Number diet plan. Or single order on the mall page. Health record: support punch-in diet plan to record diet with one click. And analyze its nutritional content. It also supports recording other health indicators: weight. Exercise. Sleep. Drinking water. Defecation. Menstruation Community: officially share knowledge of healthy eating; users share success stories and post news; help circles allow users to supervise and help each otherthe design of this product has been stored in the blockchain. And plagiarism and infringement must be investigated. This article was originally published by

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