Construction and Thinking of Task System Austria Phone Numbers

We place an order on the xx platform to buy a Austria Phone Numbers cup of milk tea. After the merchant received the order. The production was complete. And the rider received the goods and delivered it to us. We bought a few eggs at xx Austria Phone Numbers supermarket and knight helped us deliver the eggs to us Among them. However, The rider’s distribution service is instant logistics distribution. Through the above business scenarios. We draw a user transaction model: B-side real-time logistics sales empowerment: construction and thinking of task system For the real-time logistics platform. In the above transaction model. The goal is to match the company’s transportation capacity and merchant orders to achieve a balance between the rider’s transportation capacity and logistics orders. B-side real-time logistics sales empowerment: construction and thinking of task system However. However, The capacity supply of each real-time logistics platform is limite.

Mission System Scheme Austria Phone Numbers

However, We start from the following three perspectives: Increase the number of customers Increase the proportion of high-quality customers Improve the Austria Phone Numbers service efficiency of operators. That is. “Human “The task is created by sales operations. And the basic information of the task. The task object. The task follower. The follower’s goal of the task. And the action to complete the task are set. Focus point: Task object assignment task follower: in the business. It may be distributed to the corresponding sales person according to the Austria Phone Numbers merchant category and merchant area Mission objectives: the mission objectives for merchants are generally to complete the contract. Increase recharge. However, And increase the number of orders Action gripper: to accomplish different goals. The available grippers are also different. Such as: After the task is issued. The tasks during the follow-up period require the front-line sales staff to deal with the to-do tasks in time. The to-do tasks of the front-line sales staff.

Assignment of Tasks Austria Phone Numbers

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Such as: the time range from monday to sunday to be complete The goal of the task: whether to complete the contract. Complete the billing. Or Austria Phone Numbers collect feedback on the use of merchants. Etc. Task object: basic information of the task object that needs to be followe up. Business name. Category. Address (distance). Order status. Order completion status. Current price and other requirements. Etc. However, Action gripper: provides the action Austria Phone Numbers gripper to complete the goal. Such as the information to be collecte when visiting. Issuing coupons to merchants. Etc. Illustrate: There may be multiple problems or goals for a merchant. So there is a scenario where a merchant issues multiple tasks at the same time. At this time. It is necessary to provide the front-line sales staff to view the merchant’s perspective to follow up the task. So as to avoid a sales person completing the task of recharging the object.

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