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87% of educational institutions add closed captions to at least some videos. Video in higher education has opened up new opportunities for universities to reach knowledge-hungry individuals around the world. As a result, education has become more accessible. While community colleges are required to caption their videos by law, closed captioning has also been shown to provide invaluable Peru Phone number benefits to students. 98.6% of all students say they find subtitles useful; subtitles help students focus better and retain information better. Often teachers who provide captions are ranked higher. Community colleges caption for many reason. Student diversity Community colleges care about diversity. In fact, according to the Community College Consortium for Immigrant Education Community colleges enroll nearly half of all U.S.

What is important to community colleges Legal Compliance

Federal laws in the United States, such as the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), require community colleges to caption their content. Accuracy and Complex Content Correct terminology is essential in education. Lack of spelling or punctuation can easily misinform students. Community colleges want their videos to be accurate; that’s why they need a better Peru Phone number solution than automatic subtitles. Automatic captions often misspell words, have incorrect punctuation, and omit important unvoiced elements.  Captions and transcripts are invaluable to ESL students 66% of ESL students find captions extremely helpful. Undergraduate students, or 6.5 million students, and a quarter  of those students are immigration issues.

What Captioning Transcription Features Important Community Colleges

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Account Management With 3Play, you can easily centralize your college’s captioning needs. Within a community college, there are many departments with ongoing projects; therefore, having the ability to organize projects by departments under one college-wide account is an attractive feature for community colleges. Quality and accuracy  3Play guarantees a 99% accuracy rate, regardless Peru Phone number of the difficult content. Many of our transcriptionists have backgrounds in engineering, math, and other STEM fields. 3Play also allows users to upload a cheat sheet with important terminology along with their video. Competitive Pricing  Ensuring captioning costs stay within the allocated budget is imperative for community colleges. At 3Play, we use a blend of voice

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