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However, Different scenarios and different user groups Kuwait Mobile Number will naturally have different needs. In the university campus scenario. The main group of users is college students. What are their current needs? What difficulties will most of the products Kuwait Mobile Number encounter in the four major development tracks of college campus apps. However, Including social networking. Tools. Life services. And part-time jobs? When it comes to college campus apps. What products can you immediately think of? E In 2020. The total number of students in higher education in china will reach 41.83 million. With a huge user base. However, Why are only these two university campus apps known to users? What are the key but overlooked market laws behind it? Let’s discuss it together in this article. To understand a track. The first task is to understand its market. However, To deconstruct the university campus app market.

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We start from the two dimensions of Kuwait Mobile Number users and products. On the user side. The “2021 chinese college students’ consumer behavior research and analysis report” released by iimedia research pointed out that the number of chinese college students is increasing year by year. And although the growth rate has slowed down. However, It is still Kuwait Mobile Number growing. Data show that in 2020. The total number of students in higher education in china will reach 41.83 million. At the same time. With the gradual improvement of living standards. The average monthly living expenses of college students have also increased. However, The median monthly income is 1.516 yuan. It is estimated that the annual consumption scale of chinese college students in 2021 will be about 760.9 billion yuan. And the consumption potential huge. In terms of products. The university campus app market can be roughly divided into four major directions: social networking. Tools. Life services. And part-time jobs.

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However, There are relatively mature products in Kuwait Mobile Number each direction. We have seen that tool products are more likely to be favored by users because of their unique tool attributes. In terms of users. The super curriculum has reached 24 million. The download level of xue xiaoyi app has also exceeded 40 million. The field of life services is more inclined Kuwait Mobile Number to local operation. Which is essentially a platform that provides the supply capability of basic functions. The campus social field has always been a track for everyone to compete. And each company has cut into the campus social sector through self-research. Investment and other methods. Since renren has withdrawn from the stage. In terms of user volume. No particularly dazzling players have appeared. Summer is one of the most recognized products at present. But the number of users is only in the millions.

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