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Choosing the right captioning service can make a big difference.  When selecting a captioning provider, you want to make sure you find one that is reliable, accurate, and cost-effective. We’ve broken down the most important features to consider when choosing a captioning provider. Use this checklist when talking to a provider: Closed Captioning Provider Selection Checklist What matters when Luxembourg Phone number a closed captioning service Accuracy rate. Especially when it comes to precision. Accuracy measures punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Many captioning providers will claim they meet the 99% accuracy standard, but you have to be careful. In a study we conducted comparing two different captioning providers, we found that their measured accuracy rate was actually between.

What Matters When Selecting a Closed Captioning Service to Treat

The process has a direct impact on the accuracy of the file. While there’s no one right way to caption your videos, some methods lend themselves more to higher quality outputs. Automatic Speech Recognition is good, but not good enough to exclude humans from the process. And lack important sound effects. YouTube is famous for its inaccurate automatic captions. They can be so fake that Luxembourg Phone number people have made parodies of them. We’ve created a quiz: can you detect what YouTube’s automatic captions are saying.  Turn around Sometimes you’ll need your subtitles ready the next day, other times you’ll need them within two hours. No matter how close your deadlines are, you’ll want to find a captioning provider that offers multiple fulfillment options.

What Matters When Selecting a Closed Captioning Service Handles

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If a captioning provider can’t handle the intricacies of your content, is it worth captioning with them? It’s especially important for colleges and universities to find a provider that can handle difficult content while maintaining a 99% accuracy rate. More advanced subjects like physics, calculus, philosophy, law, and medicine have unique terminology that is essential for students to Luxembourg Phone number understand. To find out if a captioning provider can handle difficult content, ask them how they hire transcriptionists. Do they hire transcriptionists from different areas of expertise? Do they have a transcriptionist who knows your content. What matters when selecting a closed captioning service.

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