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our content through Sked Social (previous timeline) and have grown the Juno Records Instagram page’s Instagram by 230%, from just 6,910 followers to Now has Macau B2B List followers. As a result, in about 18 months, Juno Records gained over 16,000 followers. how do you ask? Well, keep reading! Instagram Business 101 Grab our eBook Instagram for Business and take your Instagram game to the next level! The Growth of Instagram – Sked Social Instagram Growth Tip 1: Consistency is Key While it can be difficult at first to make sure you’re always posting

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on Instagram, it will become easier once you establish a rhythm and get into the habit of doing so. At Juno Records, it’s easy for us to find something to release because we have so many new records every day and there’s always something new and exciting to shout about. This is reflected in the fact Macau B2B List that I post three times a day on the Juno Records Instagram page (usually around lunchtime) a week. It can be harder for other businesses and other brands to keep finding content to post, but it really helps to have a draft content plan so you don’t have to bother to post. Posting at the same time once a day works because as you gain momentum, your audience will start noticing when you post and will start looking for your posts.



That’s probably why weekly live and radio shows are on the same day and at the same time, and viewers know when to watch even though they may not be sure what they’re watching. Say something about how you schedule all your content in advance, but don’t overdo it by scheduling too early later. Doing so Macau B2B List can limit you, and also means that if you’re quickly scheduling what might become old news, you won’t be able to react to new developments in the industry. Things move fast on social media, and the real emphasis is on the latest content.

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