Behind the Scenes Creating an Accessible Campus at Wsu

In april 2016, wichita state university received a complaint through the department. Of education’s office for civil rights regarding an accessibility issue in a classroom across. The street face to face. As a result, the institution is now in the midst. In the first place Of a campus-wide accessibility overhaul the school entered into discussions with. By the same token The national federation of the blind  a few Qatar Phone number months after the complaint and the two. Parties reached an agreement all course content and the eit for students must be fully. Accessible by 2020. Michael cole, educational accessibility technologist at wsu, helps. The university achieve this goal and recently led a very in-depth webinar on their progress. This presentation is a must -read for any school considering proactively. Making campus accessibility improvements, handling an ocr complaint, or vetting potential accessible educational. Information technology vendors.

Wsu Calendar 2016 to 2020 Go Beyond the Agreement Technologist

Wsu’s ocr compliance only had to do with a face-to-face program not with online. Content as one would expect in an increasingly digital educational landscape. In addition, their agreement with the nfb was largely focused on improving. Accessibility for the blind and visually impaired however, instead of simply limiting their scope to. Equally important The nfb agreement or face-to-face learning environments, wsu is creating new policies. That encompass all areas of accessibility wsu is taking this Qatar Phone number opportunity to not only address. The issues that triggered the ocr complaint, but also to take a much more holistic. And proactive approach to accessibility on campus this will help ensure that students and faculty. To say nothing of Can properly use and access the eit without needing to request an accommodation. Or report a problem to the school or any other entity.

How Wsu Plans to Reach Its 2020 Goal First Steps the Eit Audit

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To help achieve their target goal wsu has focused its accessibility strategy on 4 areas. Shopping captioning, training, and academic service issues in addition, the university has. Created and divided responsibilities into two new positions the accessibility coordinator. And the educational accessibility technologist as mentioned earlier, michael is wsu’s new. Education accessibility technologist his responsibilities include training university staff. And faculty on accessibility, conducting accessibility audits, and then Qatar Phone number making. Recommendations on how to address accessibility issues based on the results of the. Accessibility audits. These audits in june 2017, wsu embarked on a facility-wide. Audit of its eit this included internal campus-based and external third-party vendorstechnology. The eit audit rubric contains 21 sections intended to broadly define and  university accessibility.

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