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In the field of e-commerce. Festival promotions Azerbaijan Mobile Number will definitely bring the growth of gmv of the entire platform. But is this growth essentially brought about by festivals? Or because of the promotion? Will the festival promotion bring growth in e-commerce. And will it also bring growth on content platforms? Let’s start with the Azerbaijan Mobile Number conclusion. The growth of gmv in the e-commerce fiel is essentially brought about by festivals . And promotions are just a fuel. You can recall that even if the supermarket next door has no discount during the spring festival. But the price of pork has risen. You still bought many years of goods. The festival promotion will also bring growth on the content platform . Because the increased demand for production-related materials brought about by the festival will also drive the growth of the platform’s daily activities and revenue.

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The following is an introduction to the marketing Azerbaijan Mobile Number calendar function to illustrate how the festival brings the growth of the platform. Calendar. An everyday publication that records dates and other related information. The calendar that displays one day’s information on each page is calle the calendar. The one that displays Azerbaijan Mobile Number  one month’s information is called the monthly calendar. And the one that displays the information of the whole year is called the annual calendar. There are various forms. Such as wall calendars. Desk calendars. Annual calendar cards. Etc.. And now there are electronic calendars that carry date information through new forms. Secondly. Whether there is a calendar function is like one is passively waiting for the user to draw. And the other actively pushes the user to draw. Even if a hunter who waits for the rabbit will meet a dizzy rabbit.

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It will definitely not be as good as a hunter who hunts hard. Finally. To sum up. The marketing calendar of the content platform is essentially a festival-based Azerbaijan Mobile Number content planning and mapping tool that solves the scenario of content screening + creative tools + design efficiency for users under the theme of festivals. First of all. We need to clarify who our users are. Take a content platform that I am familiar with as an example. Most of the users Azerbaijan Mobile Number of this platform are “Operations”. And “New media” and “E-commerce” operations are the most numerous. So this website the user is [operation – new media/e-commerce operation]. So what do these users usually do on the platform? Substitute the scene to explain: before each festival hotspot. New media students need to publish the corresponding wechat public account articles. And e-commerce operators need to publish some festival-related promotional activities. So some related pictures are produce. Need.

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