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Calculate your call rate Remember that not all clicks lead to phone calls, but you pay for all clicks. Once someone clicks on a call-only ad, an autodialer appears on their phone screen, which they must then click to place the call. Finland Phone Number. Determine how many clicks actually result in phone calls so you can optimize your bids for calls vs. clicks. A large disparity between clicks and calls (or a high call abandonment rate) can mean that your audience doesn’t want to call and you may need to rethink your advertising content or keyword strategy. Finland Phone Number. AdWords Call Rate for Call Only Campaigns Note that if you use

Remember That Not All Clicks Lead to Finland Phone Number

Google’s forwarding numbers and call reports, you can add a Telephony Rate (PTR) column to your reports. The PTR shows you how many times your number is called (via call button or manual dial) as a percentage of total impressions. 8. Measure call quality Call counting is not enough to Finland Phone Number optimize bids, measure performance, or calculate ROI. See which calls actually turn into customers. You can easily do this with a call intelligence solution that tracks the outcome of a phone call. If you use basic call tracking, Google, or a third-party provider, you can view call tracking metrics like call duration to better understand call quality.

Phone Calls, but You Pay for All Clicks Finland Phone Number

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Once you understand quality, you can start optimizing your bids to increase quality traffic rather than volume.Finland Phone Number. If you don’t measure quality, you could generate negative ROI by referring calls that waste your sales agents’ time. 9. Don’t Forget the Caller’s Experience The calls are pouring in. Good job! Now is the time to make the most of each of these calls. Don’t lose potential customers with a long or confusing phone menu. Finland Phone Number. Make sure calls are automatically directed to the right location or sales agent who can help you best.

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