Whatsapp Business Available on Ios but What Is It

For some time, WhatsApp has been talking about him. Indeed, this social platform is far too little used by companies, which struggle to know how to use it. So we have explained to you what are the different strategies to adopt on this network, today we are going to focus Singapore Phone number in more detail on WhatsApp Business. Who says “Business”, says “companies”, but what is WhatsApp’s new product for? Zoom on this new platform, and its advantages for companies. WhatsApp Business: what are the differences with our traditional WhatsApp? WhatsApp has gained some notoriety as an instant messaging application over the past few years by competing with the leader Facebook Messenger.

What Are the Differences With Our Traditional Whatsapp

Many of you use it to maintain conversations with one or more people at the same time in workgroups. Family discussions, or with friends or colleagues. But today it’s not exactly whatsapp we’re going to talk about, but whatsapp business. You probably guessed it, this social network will be dedicated to businesses! However. This version is not new since it has already been available Singapore Phone number for almost a year on android. The novelty is the ios version of the application which has just been unveiled to the general public. This version is already deployed in many countries and should soon. Arrive on french soil to allow our “made in france” companies to benefit from it. These features make the difference, of course, you also suspect that whatsapp. Business does not have the same features as our usual whatsapp.

These Features That Make the Difference of Course

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Because it mainly targets companies, the social network must offer features consistent with the needs of its users. Thus, we notice that the WhatsApp business stands out. The possibility of creating your “company” profile the addition of a description, an e-mail. As well as a link to its website WhatsApp business: create your business page. It is possible to configure personalized messages Singapore Phone number depending on the circumstances to improve. The user experience on the social network, but you can also program quick replies as shown in this photo. Whatsapp business: schedule quick responses on the social network. If the WhatsApp business makes its arrival, it is not trivial. Indeed, the application was expected by more than 5 million companies. Who expressed the wish to be able to benefit, too, from this application.

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