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Bright and colorful? Are you motivated and adventurous? Thinking of these adjectives naturally leads you to some different visual elements that can be incorporated into a visual aesthetic. For example, a look at Taco Bell’s Instagram feed reveals that they South Africa Phone Number List pride themselves on being cheerful, bold, youthful and fun: How to Use Instagram for Business – Sked Social How to Use Instagram for Business – Taco Bell Image Source After deciding on the look? One of the smartest business tips on Instagram is to create a style guide that includes everything from filters and fonts to colors and

Create A Style Guide That

themes that you can use when posting to your Instagram feed. Taking this step will ensure you are consistent, which is important for you to hone a certain aesthetic. Related: Here’s just how to start a business with Instagram from the ground up! Learn more South Africa Phone Number List about creating an Instagram aesthetic for your brand. Step 6: Use hashtags to your advantage Mastering the hashtag game is a vital part of learning how to use Instagram for business or personal use! When starting marketing on Instagram, many face another question: how do you get new users to find them? Of course, engaging with your current followers and customers is great. But how can you bring new attention to your brand and content?



There are tons of Instagram marketing tips for businesses on Instagram that will hopefully increase your following. However, one of the smartest ways is to always use hashtags in your posts. By using hashtags on Instagram posts, you can make individual South Africa Phone Number List photos searchable by that specific term. For example, when a user views all posts tagged “#MondayMotivation”, your posts will appear here. Do people like what they see? They may just click to go to your account to learn more. In addition to getting your brand in front of new users, hashtags also make your Instagram posts more engaging to your existing followers.

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