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Instagram Stories, click on the chain icon at the top right of the screen. Enter the destination URL for your Instagram story in the new window. When you’re done, tap the Guam B2B List checkmark in the upper right corner. 3. Continue editing your story with text, filters or stickers, or click ” Next” to publish. You should at least add a short call to actio to encourage viewers to check out the link. The “see more” feature at the bottom of linked stories is hard to see, especially for new Instagram users.

Using Hashtags

Adding simple reminders can also help increase click engagement. Side note: Instagram does not currently offer link tracking via Stories. Nice to meet you! Explore Sked Social: the leading Instagram (and more!) planning tool, available to over 10,000 visual-first agencies and brands. If you use Sked to Guam B2B List schedule your Instagram Stories, you can add a link to your Instagram Stories when you upload a post. If you want to see link activity from Instagram Stories, make sure to use a URL that can be tracked elsewhere, such as back to menu 4. How to Add a Link on Instagram: Post Your Instagram



If you really want to promote your business on Instagram, investing in small promotions can be a great way to increase engagement. For a small fee, you can choose your audience, access detailed insights and ensure your posts include clickable links. Instagram promotions are easy. If you haven’t already converted Guam B2B List your account to a company profile, you can do so in Settings. It won’t change much other than adding analytics and tracking features, a location for contact information, and the ability to facilitate posts.

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