Biggest Seo Mistakes Common Seo Mistakes

SEO beginners make SEO mistakes because they are not aware of or do not understand the basic SEO practices properly. SEO is a rapidly changing industry, and what worked a few years or months ago might not work today. That’s why it’s important to stay up to date and stay informed about the latest SEO developments. 18 most common SEO mistakes: you are not using a keyword research tool on your page. Titles and descriptions are not unique you are not active on social media. You are not actively South Africa Phone number promoting your blog posts you are not using google search. Console and bing webmaster tools you are not following consistently. Release schedule your content is not of high quality you are not following internal. Linking best practices your website loads slowly you create inbound links. Too fast you are creating low-quality links you are creating pages for seo purposes. Onlyyou use press releases to link you only target high traffic keywords.

You Are Not Using a Keyword Research Tool

You separate SEO from your overall digital marketing strategyYou are not using the H1 tag correctly You are not formatting your content Your images are not optimized for SEO 1- You are not using keyword research tool some people believe that they somehow cheated by using a keyword research tool before creating their content. This is not real, it is actually a big SEO mistake. A keyword research South Africa Phone number tool like SEMRUSH or a Google keyword tool will give you a clue as to what queries people are typing into the Google Search Box. By including these keywords in your articles or pages, you can make the content more relevant to your users and easier to understand for search engines.

Your Page Titles and Descriptions Are Not Unique

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The title of a page is a very important SEO signal. This is the first thing search engines and users read when trying to understand what a page is about. If you don’t give them a title that is meaningful to both (search crawlers and users) you will minimize your chances of ranking high on Google (and other search engines) and you will also drive visitors away from your web page. The most South Africa Phone number common Header SEO mistakes: All pages are under the same title Adding the website name to the page header (it’s okay to do this for the home page, but not necessary for other pages)Making page titles longer than 65 characters how to write SEO friendly headlines: Titles should be a maximum of 60 characters. They should be natural and explain what the page is about.

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