Bid High First if Estonia Phone Number

Bid high first If you’re launching a new call-only campaign, it’s best to bid high. You may lose money at first, but you will gain valuable data that will pay off when optimizing. Estonia Phone Number. Also, when it comes to AdWords, it’s hard to get out of a hole, so you want to make sure you secure the top position or two from the start. 4. Target Call-Centric Keywords Be sure to target keywords that appeal to the segment of your audience that is most likely to call. Estonia Phone Number.  These can be location-based keywords for customers who want to visit your business, or keywords that resonate with customers lower in the buying funnel.

You’re Launching a New Call-only Campaign Estonia Phone Number

You may also find that people prefer to have a conversation when purchasing certain products or services (like more expensive items). Remember that call-only ads don’t get people to click through to Estonia Phone Number your website. So your keywords should target high-intent people who want quick answers or take immediate action without research. 5. Plan your ads strategically Call-only campaigns with ad delivery schedule You don’t want to route phone calls to voicemail or an unmanned call center. Use a manual CPC bidding strategy to limit your Call campaigns to delivery only during business hours.

It’s Best to Bid High. You May Lose Money Estonia Phone Number

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You can even view peak call times and days to take advantage of trends in consumer behavior and preferences and adjust your bids to ensure ads appear during those times. Estonia Phone Number 6. Use geo-targeting If you are a local business, geo-targeting is essential. Make sure you are using a local phone number and that calls are automatically routed to the store or branch closest to the caller’s location. Estonia Phone Number. You may find that certain geographies return more calls or better quality calls than others. So it may be worth raising your bids for people in that area. 7.

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