“Atomic Design Methodology” of Interaction Design Tools South Korea Phone Numbers

However, In chemical reactions. The smallest unit that South Korea Phone Numbers maintains chemical properties is the molecule. And the smallest unit in chemical change is the atom. Since the vast majority of man-made items are basically made from the atomic level through a series of chemical and physical reactions. From this perspective. The composition of the South Korea Phone Numbers items can be divided into: atom-molecule-material-structure- thing. There is a similar concept of hierarchy in biology: cell-tissue-organ-system-organism. However, Similar structures can be seen everywhere in nature. It can be sai that the most fundamental structure of the entire universe is such a level-by-level from basic to complex. As shown in the figure below. 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom make up 2 parts of water molecules. As far as I can tell. Is there a corresponding structure or methodology in the design? Yes.

The Inspiration of Nature South Korea Phone Numbers

However, Starting with building a similar small module. We can South Korea Phone Numbers apply a step-by-step process similar to that in nature to design and develop our user interface. Atomic design consists of five distinct phases. However, Which are: Atom Molecular South Korea Phone Numbers Organism Template Page Look at the compositional structure of the “Atom-molecule-material-structure-item” artificial object mentioned above. But here it has evolved into a non-physical user interface structure. However, Atomic design is a design method in which atoms. Molecules. Organisms. Templates and pages work together to create more efficient user interface systems. Atomic design is not a linear process. It’s more of a mental model to help us see the user interface as a coherent whole. But also a collection of elements.

 Atomic Methodology South Korea Phone Numbers

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However, Each of these five stages will play an important South Korea Phone Numbers role in our ui design system hierarchy. And now. Let’s take a deeper look at each stage. The “Atoms” of our user interface are those basic building blocks that make up our user interface. These atoms include basic html elements such as form tags. However, Input fields. Buttons. And other South Korea Phone Numbers elements that are basically indestructible. In addition to figurative elements. However,  Abstract concepts such as colors and fonts are also atoms. Molecules are like a relatively simple organization of  elements. For example. A form label. Search box. And button together create a search form molecule. Assemble elements into simple functional groups. Resulting in a simple. Portable. Reusable component that can be applie to multiple reuses.

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