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This week we analyze 8 international profiles and 4 profiles dedicated to Spain of different cosmetic brands on Instagram . The 8 international profiles belong to: Estée Lauder, Revlon , Clarins , Avon , Elizabeth Arden , Shiseido , Skin Ceuticals and Olay . And the 4 profiles dedicated to each brand in Spain belong to Loreal , Kiehl’s , Lancome and The Body Shop . The difference between some brands and others is quite large in terms of followersit refers, but, as it happened in other sectors that we have analyzed previously, they have several points in common that we will tell you about in the conclusions. The analysis and report corresponds to the last month and you can access the specific.

Report of each brand below, by clicking on it. Conclusions from the analysis of these 12 cosmetic brand profile The percentage of engagement according to the daily average of each brand is not very high in general. The highest percentage Afghanistan whatsapp number list  is taken by The Body Shop (ES) with 1.8% , followed by Lancome (ES) with 1.5% and Loreal (ES) with 1.2%. It coincides that the three profiles are used for the dissemination of these brands in Spain, that is, they are not international profiles. The brand that has made the most publications during the analyzed period is Loreal (ES) , with 76 posts and 154 hashtags used in the last month. Clarins follows with 57 posts and 23 hashtags .

Instagram Profiles of 12 Cosmetic Brands

The rest of the analyzed Instagram profiles have between more than 20.  And less than 40 publications, except for Olay. Which has not published any photos or videos in the last month. The most used filter is Normal or without filters. Except in the profile of Kiehl’s (ES) that has used the Claredon filter in 12 publications and Normal only in 3. In addition to some other filter in specific photographs. Clarins , Elizabeth Arden and.  The Body Shop (ES) have also used various filters, prioritizing Normal.  While the rest of the brands have only used the “no filters” option. Despite the majority use of the Normal option.  The filters with the most engagementin the profiles that there have been a variety of filters have been.

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The Hudson filter in Clarins with an average of 1,903 likes and 8 comments, the Normal (without filters) in Elizabeth Arden with an average of 442.3 likes and 7.4 comments, the Amaro filter at Kiehl’s (ES) with 147 likes and 16 comments on average, the Claredon filter at The Body Shop (ES) with 212 likes and 4 comments, and the Gingham filter at Skin Ceuticals with 358.5 likesand 5 comments on average. Among the ” Top potential contributors ” of the brands, fashion magazines and cosmetic stores stand out , as well as some famous person. Thus, for example, stands out again , top potential contributorthat has already appeared in other reports for being one of the main followers of Mahou , Estrella Galicia and the Hilton , Iberostar and Barceló hotels .

Among all the followers of the analyzed

profiles, 46-48% have a public profile and 52-54% have a private profile . These percentages are reversed only in the Shiseido profile. Where 54% of its followers have a public profile and 46% have a private profile. In all the profiles analyzed, the percentage of female followers is much higher than the percentage of men.  Who follow the Instagram profiles of these cosmetic brands. The highest percentage is obtained by Loreal (ES) with 58.9% of followers. The Instagram profile with the most presence in different countries is that of Clarins , with followers in 150 countries . Except in the profiles dedicated to the Spanish market. In the international profiles most of the followers are located in the United. States in a greater or lesser percentage, even in brands that are not American.

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