A New Interface for Ads Manager and Facebook Business Manager

A few days ago, Facebook announced updates to its ad manager and Facebook Business Manager, manager of pages and advertising accounts. This news comes shortly after the announcement of the removal of certain performance indicators. If you need advice on social media, do not hesitate to contact your digital strategy agency. The ad manager and its new features Thanks to its update Pakistan Phone number all users of this interface will find some changes that will make navigation easier. In addition, the new features of the interface will arrive little by little, during the year, and will be completely present in 2020. Several tools should see the light of day in the months to come.

The Ad Manager and Its New Features Thanks to Its Update

They will be used to create advertisements and to choose advertising placements. Changes in Facebook ads manage the navigation bar for better visibility. A few small changes have been made. Such as the campaign navigation bar which has moved to the left side. They offer more visibility into the performance and results of each campaign. Search filters among these changes, we can first find the search filters of the ads manager. These allow you to carry out searches much more intuitively than before. In Pakistan Phone number order to better use the search bar. This new bar will allow you to see specific. Campaigns, and then to be able to sort them according to their objectives. Countrysides it is now possible to duplicate. Thanks to the integration of copy-paste, campaigns by simply clicking on them.Which improves flexibility when creating one of these.

The Navigation Bar for Better Visibility a Few Small Changes

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On the ads manager, the functionality of automatic naming of Ads and Ad sets is also appearing. Auctions The social network has decided to develop a new bidding system, which will be called “Cost Cap Bidding”. The purpose of this will be to generate more on-site conversion while lowering acquisition costs. Facebook Ads Manager and its auctions The new design of Facebook Business Pakistan Phone number Manager In the new features offered by Facebook, we can find those related to the design of the Business Manager. A deeper overhaul will come later. This update will make it easier and faster to create Facebook campaigns for its customers. It will also include a transparency process that will allow new customers to be onboarded more quickly.

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