A Lower Number Means More People Are Happy

Relationship with your brand is to your business. You want to increase this metric by strengthening This is important because it means you are losing potential income. Small shopping cart with cosmetics Number of transactions This is the number of transactions that took place on your website during a given time period. It may not be the best metric to focus on as it can vary due to seasonality and other factors. You can Cambodia WhatsApp Number List also count it as “churned” customers, which is the number of customers who abandoned your site divided by the total sales over the past six months. man working on computer outside Average order size This is the average order size for your ecommerce site. It can be calculated by adding up the total number of products This is one of the biggest metrics because it shows you how capable you are of selling. It’s important Cambodia WhatsApp Number List to note that businesses can earn a lot of revenue and still be unprofitable. Related: 11 tips on how to advertise your online store.

Means More People Are Happy

Average amount spent in a given transaction. This metric shows you the average amount your customers Cambodia WhatsApp Number List are willing to spend. The higher the number, the better! person sitting at table using computer product inventory turnover The money spent on inventory minus the cost of sales, multiplied by the number of days (or average lead time) in the supply chain.Close dollar Order Defect Rate If your customer submits a return or cancels the order immediately after placing the order. The figure is calculated by dividing the total loss from returns and cancellations by the year-to-date net income (after taxes). Man with checklist looks Cambodia WhatsApp Number List worried product return rate Calculated as the number of products returned in the past six months divided by the total sales for those six months. Calculator pencil and sticky notes on table breakeven point


Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

Cambodia WhatsApp Number List for a refund, possibly because of an order error, quality issue, wrong size, etc. A lower number means more people are happy! Two people exchange a box Cost per acquisition (CPA) The cost of u acquire through online marketing campaigns or ad. Spend is related to the number of conversions they generate in the same time period. There is a man opening his wallet with money in it in conclusion In conclusion, running an. It’s hard to know Cambodia WhatsApp Number List what you need to do and where to focus your attention. Fortunately, you can use the 18 KP. Whether through Cambodia WhatsApp Number List

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