A chatbot as a digital colleague this is how you improve

Internal communication has changed a lot in recent years. From emails to social media and from intranets to Teams. Communication in 2022 is largely online. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are playing an increasingly important role in this. For a long time, chatbots were seen as a customer service tool to improve the user experience. But did you know that a chatbot can also be ud for internal communication? We are happy to explain how you use a chatbot as a digital colleague in this article.

The advantages at a glance

  • Fast response time
    You don’t have to wait for an answer from another employee, but get the information immdiately available via your digital colleague. This saves a lot of time.
  • Link to internal tools
    Connect the chatbot to the internal tools usd in the organization. Think of Slack, Teams, Gmail or other HR systems. This way you ensure that tasks are automatd so that they do not have to be processd manually.
  • 24/7 availability
    A chatbot can do something that a human Armenia Phone Number employee cannot; Answering questions askd 24/7 . It doesn’t matter where and when your colleagues work, because your chatbot is always available to respond.

But what exactly does a chatbot as a digital colleague look like? What kind of questions can you contact him for? We give you some examples.


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A chatbot as your new digital colleague


There is a lot at stake, especially when starting a new job. Everything is new so you have a lot of questions. For HR, such onboarding is quite a task. With a virtual assistant you ensure that HR has more breathing room. New employees can get acquainted with the organization at their own pace and ask questions to their digital colleague if they are unable to find a solution. Think of questions such as: What are the opening hours? How long is there a break? Where do you request leave? All kinds of frequently asked questions to which a chatbot knows the answer in most cases.


Many organizations still use the performance and assessment interviews every year. A busy period for the HR department in which many repetitive tasks are passed and there is a lot of mutual communication. This can be done much more efficiently. With a chatbot you reduce the workload by automating these procedures. Let a chatbot collect 360 degree feedback in a way that suits your organization. These answers can then be included by the managers in the performance and appraisal interviews. This saves a lot of time. Furthermore, everything can be directly linked to the internal tools so that it no longer has to be processed manually.


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